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W4NC Trustee Oct. 6, 2020

History (1931-1995)

FARC History (1931-1995)


FARC 2020-2021 Liability Insurance

FARC 2020-2021 Equipment Insurance


Tower Transmitter Space Lease

FARC-Baptist Hospital Lease

Officer Information, Constitution and ByLaws

FARC Officers Reference Book-Part 1 of 2 (pdf)

FARC Officers Reference Book-Part 2 of 2 (pdf)

1933 Constitution and ByLaws (pdf)

1984 Constitution and ByLaws (pdf)

1984 Constitution and ByLaws-Extra (pdf)

1992 ByLaws (pdf)

1992 ByLaws (pdf)

2020 ByLaws (pdf)

2020 ByLaws (doc)

Tax Documents

1984 Tax Exemption Application (pdf)

1981 Tax Exemption (pdf)

1984 Tax Exemption (pdf)

1984 Tax Exemption Number (pdf)

MOU's with Red Cross

1981-1982 MOU with Red Cross (pdf)

1981 MOU with Red Cross and Info on Salvation Army (pdf)

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Inventory of Club Equipment

Equipment listed in Excel format

Equipment listed in csv format

Equipment listed in text format

2021 Membership Survey

Membership Survey (Responses) in Excel format