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Legislative Information

Below are current legislative actions in both North Carolina and the Federal Government

NC Senate Bill 364 and NC House Bill 831 - The Brian Garlock Act

No actions have been made on these bills since March 27, 2017. On this date, the NC Senate Referred this action to the Com on Rules and Operations of the Senate

Below are suggested letter formats to send key elected officials to exclude amateur radio from the restrictions in the bill, still valid if interest in The Brian Garlock Act or similar act emerges.

Sample letter to your NC State Senator

  • Senate Bill 364 in text format
  • Senate Bill 364 in MS Word doc format

  • Sample letter to your NC State House Person
  • House Bill 831 in text format
  • House Bill 831 in MS Word doc format
  • ARRL Information on The Amateur Radio Parity Act and Regulatory and Advocay

    Recently, the ARRL issued a statement on the Amateur Radio Pzrity Act. More information on the Amateur Radio Parity Act can be found on the ARRL website at:

  • ARRL Info Amateur Radio Parity Act

  • Below is a link to the Regulatory and Advocay page for the ARRL
  • ARRL Regulatory and Advocay