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Forsyth Amateur Radio Club Repeaters

Information and Operational Status for the Three Repeaters Operated by the Forsyth Amateur Radio Club

Sauratown Mountain
Frequency 145.470 MHz 146.640 MHz 444.275 MHz
Offset -0.6 MHz -0.6 MHz +5 MHz
PL Tone 100 Hz 100 Hz 100 Hz
Echolink Node Info Node: 420473
call: WB9SZL
Node: 384157
call: W4NC
Not Echolink
Coverage Area Reduced from original Wide Area Coverage of about 80 miles. See Comments below Line of Sight~~25 miles Line of Sight~~10 miles
Operational Status Operational Operational but see comments below Operational
Comments Repeater has been temporarily moved from Sauratown Mtn. to an alternate location due to construction at Sauratown Mtn. Antenna Coverage Area has been reduced as a result. NOTE: The 145.47 repeater will be taken down for maintenance beginning Friday (11 May) at 10am. The repeater will be down for updates, duplexer adjustment and other maintenance. Stay tuned for info on when the repeater will be put back into operation. Some interference issues to be resolved None

Active Nets on the FARC Repeaters

Vagabond Net

The Vagabond Net is held Monday through Friday at 2:30pm on the 147.315 MHz (T 100) repeater. Click on the Vagabond Net tab on the left for more information.


The ARES net is held each Thursday at 8:30pm on the 147.315 MHz (T 100) repeater. Backup repeaters for the ARES net are the 145.47 MHz (T 100) and 146.64 MHz (T 100) repeaters. Click on the Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) tab on the left for more information.