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It’s all about KSA! Knowledge, Skills and Abilities.
Do you have them for Emergency Communications response?
Do you have the training that provides you the KSA you need to participate in Emergency Communications within the Incident Command System structure used by the State of North Carolina and Forsyth County?

Without this training, without the KSA your usefulness for Emergency Communications response is extremely limited. I hear from amateurs all the time telling me “I don’t want to take the time to take the training, but when things happen you can count on me to be there to help”. The reality is, when that time comes, unless you are trained, my hands a tied and by state mandate, I can’t use you. Why you ask? Simple, you do not have the KSA required. Also because you do not meet the minimum training requirements, you cannot be included in a mission / tasking assignment (number) which provides insurance coverage for you while deployed / activated. And lastly because in reality, you would not understand what is going on, how to complete required documentation or communicate using proper E-Comm procedures. Emergencies are NOT the time for training.

Professionals train until they do not get it wrong. Amateurs train until they get it right



In 2021 we will be conducting MORE exercises and for these and you to be successful we need your participation. If you think that you are well versed in the procedures, SOP’s and so forth then now is your time to shine! It is said that Practice makes perfect and in regards to emergency communications that statement is fact. Our skills are PERISHABLE! All because you know how to rag chew, do FT8, CW or just have a good time on the radio does not mean you are ready to respond to emergency / public service communications needs. Ask yourself these questions:

1) Do you know how to properly prepare and transmit ICS-213 and ARRL Message traffic by voice?

2) Are you set up on Winlink and able to send messages?

3) Do you know the Forsyth County AuxComm SOP for members and Net Controllers?

4) Do you know how AuxComm functions within the Incident Command Structure?

5) Do you know the proper prowords to use?

6) Do you know what is expected for deployment?

7) Do you think that if you are not deployable that you are not useful and don’t need to know these things?

You can find answers to all these questions during our nets, Zoom meetings and exercises.